Leona Jones (Grande-Bretagne)

EN Autres dispositifs

EN Autres dispositifs

Leona’s practice is a cross-disciplinary approach to making centering on word as event/performance where language is a major, but never the only, component of text – WordsSoundsSpaces. Building on previous studies focused on English Literature and scriptwriting, she is developing a multi-media practice especially using text, sound, field recordings, spatiality and visual image. Throughout all her work she actively seeks to highlight physicality, location and context considering them as central in the inter-relationships between maker, word and world. She continually seeks to question definitions, highlighting and crossing unnoticed boundaries laid down through repetition and assumption, and is influenced by ideas from philosophy, music, science and theatre, as well as literature and art. Leona was awarded MA (Distinction) Performance Writing from Falmouth/Dartington University (UK) in October 2012. She is based in Cardiff, UK.

Leona Jones received support from Wales Arts International to make her contribution and attend the festival.

La galerie a fait l'objet d'une sélection par un comité artistique dans le cadre d'un appel à propositions pour la manifestation Chercher le texte.
The gallery has been selected by an artistic committee in the context of a call for proposals for the Locating the text Festival.

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