Loss Pequeno Glazier (États-Unis)

Poet Loss Pequeno Glazier is a Professor of Media Study (SUNY Buffalo, New York), Director, Electronic Poetry Center, Director of E-POETRY, the first and longest-running international e-literature festival, and Artistic Director, Digital Poetry & Dance at UB. Glazier’s digital work focuses on computer-modulated language, computer code, literary translation, and cultural poetics. Glazier authored the first title on the subject, DIGITAL POETICS (Alabama, 2002), the acclaimed digital works, White Faced Bromeliads (1999-2012), Io Sono at Swoons (2002), and Territorio Libre (2003, 2010), and projects for dance, music, installation, text, and performance.

La galerie a fait l'objet d'une sélection par un comité artistique dans le cadre d'un appel à propositions pour la manifestation Chercher le texte.
The gallery has been selected by an artistic committee in the context of a call for proposals for the Locating the text Festival.

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